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31 Top Cell phone Apps for Nurse Practitioners

Access to evidence-based details enhances the nurse practitioner’s capability to deliver high-quality, safe and sound, and effective treatment. With the breadth of details on the Internet, clinicians can wonder how to locate the best reference equipment often. This blog write-up outlines 16 high-high quality smartphone and capsule apps that will aid as excellent assets for just about any nurse practitioner. The write-up concludes with a summary of 15 specialty apps pertinent to various kinds of providers including household, women’s health, grownup gerontology acute caution, pediatric, and psychiatric nurse practitioners. These apps were selected because of their high-quality and usefulness, evidence-based content.

Breath & Heart Sounds

iPhone, iPad

Breath & Heart Noises by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins provides 90 different, high-definition sounds to greatly help clinicians best their auscultation skills. A conclusion is roofed by this app of the anatomical and physiological modifications connected with different sounds, and you also are allowed because of it to take brief quizzes to check your knowledge.


iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

While this app marketplaces itself to physicians, Doximity is really an useful social media app for nurse practitioners even now. It touts to end up being among the largest systems of healthcare providers. Doximity enables you to connect with other expert and earn continuing schooling credits by reading submitted journal articles. This app includes HIPAA-secure e-faxing capabilities.

Electronic Preventive Providers Selector

iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet), Windows (Phone & Capsule)

Electronic Preventive Providers Selector allows nurse practitioners to find and browse the USA Preventative Services Task Push recommendations. The app had been offers high quality details published by the Company for Healthcare Analysis and High quality (AHRQ). The app could be searched by particular patient demographics like age group, sex, and behavioral danger factors. Clinicians may bookmark specific tips for viewing and will set e-mail alerts for recommendation improvements later. This app can be handy for screening especially, guidance, and providing preventative clinical services.

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iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

Once regarded as a medicine reference app merely, Epocrates today provides clinicians a method to network with one another and select the correct ICD-9 or ICD-10 diagnostic code. Epocrates presents usage of evidence-based clinical practice suggestions for a number of patient populations. Epocrates proceeds to include drug information regarding both homeopathic and allopathic medicines, along with an interaction capsule and checker identifier. Exceptionally, any medication could be identified by the Capsule ID feature predicated on its physical features and imprint code.


iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

Eponyms is really a simple, free data source of all healthcare eponyms. An eponym is really a discovery named following an individual who was linked to the new finding. Wernicke’s Lou and region Gehrig’s disease, for example, are usually an eponyms. This app offers a short explanation of over 1,700 medical related eponyms drawing from Andrew Yee’s website.


iPhone, iPad

Published by the guts for Disease Control plus Avoidance (CDC), FastStats is really a distinctive app that delivers updated usage of medical statistics linked to diseases, disorders, family life, insurance, wellness status, risk factors, accidents, life stages, plus populations. This app contains over 100 open public health subjects and allows customers to highlight, annotate, and bookmark important data. In addition, it allows you to talk about different pages using social media marketing sites such as for example Twitter and Facebook.

Google Translate

iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

Providing high-quality care could be a challenge along with patients who speak small to zero English. In 2012, the AHRQ published a report that found that people with restricted English proficiency knowledge longer medical center stays and a larger threat of infection, falls, stress ulcers, and readmissions. Search engines Translate is really a free app which allows nurse practitioners to insight English text message and receive translations in around 90 various languages. You can even utilize the Word Lens function to have a picture of an indicator and the app will immediately translate the text.



Happtique isn't an app actually, but a way to distribute high-quality apps to your patients instead. Happtique enables you to pick from a range of clinical apps and deliver them right to your patient’s smartphone or capsule. The program simpler makes individual education, also it helps clinicians go for only the very best, most scientifically-reliable apps.

Human Anatomy Atlas

iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet), Windows (Phone & Capsule)

BODY Atlas provides detailed 3D types of over 4,000 anatomical structures for 12 different body systems. It offers both female and man anatomy, and you may zoom in and out while displaying Latin conditions easily. Why is this anatomy app much better than others will be your capability to save and talk about different 3D views, create study from display screen captures notecards, and test thoroughly your knowledge using built-in quizzes.

Medscape Mobile

iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet), Windows (Phone & Capsule)

Medscape Mobile supplies a breadth of clinical references. Like Micromedex and Epocrates, Medscape Mobile carries a medication prescription guideline and interaction checker. Medscape Mobile, however, also contains an incredibly convenient formulary with a summary of 1,800 insurance policies across all 50 claims in order that nurse practitioners can simply check to see in case a patient’s medication price is covered. Furthermore, this app includes 129 different medical calculators, 30,000 clinical pictures, and detailed directions for over 1,000 clinical procedures. Significantly, this app also contains professional development classes that enable you to earn certified continuing education.


iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

Micromedex produces a distinctive medication reference app called Mircomedex Medication Reference Essentials. This app contains important info about over 4,500 different medications including grownup and pediatric dosing, undesireable effects, essential interactions, and black container warnings. Uniquely, Micromedex Medication Reference Essentials contains maternity considerations for every medication such as for example dose adjustments, contraindications, maternity category, and results on breast feeding.


iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

Omnio is really a launched newly, customizable clinical reference app highly. Like many clinical apps, Omnio includes medication information and clinical calculators. Why is Omnio unique can be your capability to archive and organize clinical information from other resources such as for example journals, textbooks, and sites. This app carries a function that allows one to subscribe to your preferred medical blogs to produce a customized information feed. Omnio also enables you to purchase digital textbooks and organize them on a digital bookshelf.

Sanford Guide

iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

Sanford Guide may be the long-period trusted reference for antimicrobial therapy. This app includes exactly the same topics-based corporation as the textbook, however the articles is updated once monthly. Topics include syndromes arranged by site of illness, pathogens, anti-infective medicine, and prevention. This app is made up of interactive dosing algorithms and calculators, along with links to exterior peer-reviewed medical journals.

Standard Dictations

Android (Phone, Tablet)

Standard Dictations is really an one-of-a-type app truly. It offers dictation templates for a number of medical exams and methods. While the almost all the dictations come in the industry of ophthalmology, there are always a handful of time-conserving standardized texts including entrance orders, discharge orders, discharge summaries, and physicals and history.


iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet), Windows (Phone & Capsule)

UpToDate has turned into a popular, go-to app for health care professionals because of its high-high quality and practical articles supported by Wolters Kluwer Wellness. UpToDate has an immense quantity of information including greatest practice recommendations, clinical calculators, medication interactions, and hyperlinks to full-text research posts. What makes UpToDate stick out may be the integrated patient schooling tool really, such as 1,500 printable handouts. A fantastic feature for nurse practitioners will be they can earn continuing education credit score by merely finding out about info on the UpToDate app.

Family NP Apps


iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

Known as the Instagram for medical researchers, Figure1 is really a free clinical photo-sharing application for nurse practitioners. This app enables you to share images of unique patient situations with students along with other suppliers and receive tips about diagnoses and treatment programs. Before pictures are shared, individual faces are obscured, and you also must block-out any identifying marks such as for example piercings and tattoos. Only verified healthcare specialists might use the app, also it includes a consent type that patients can indication with their finger.

CDC Influenza

iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

CDC Influenza features updated info on nationwide flu activity and contains influenza vaccination recommendations. In addition, it provides usual info on the diagnosis and therapy of influenza like the antiviral treatment suggestions released by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Procedures. This app also enables you to watch movies from flu experts also to order official CDC created posters and brochures to distribute at your exercise.


iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

A diagnostic clinical choice support app, VisualDx may improve a family group nurse practitioner’s diagnostic accuracy and individual engagement. This app was made to be used at the real point of care, and it enables you to search by symptom, visual clues, patient medical diagnosis, and medication. It works with an archive of high-resolution medical pictures and carries a differential diagnosis builder. This rare assortment of detailed images exhibits disease variation by age group, type of skin, immune states, and entire body location. More impressive even, VisualDx includes images of diseases at various levels of intensity and in folks of different ethnicities

Women's Health NP Apps

ASCCP Algorithms

iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

Published by the United states Society for Cervical plus Colposcopy Pathology, ASCCP Algorithms can be an app offering the Updated Consensus Suggestions for Managing Unusual Cervical Malignancy Screening Tests and Malignancy Precursors. It offers algorithms and tips for managing unusual cervical cancer screening checks. This specific app has age-particular and condition-specific suggestions for treating cervical tumor precursor lesions, and it includes strategies for speaking with your patients concerning the need for Human papillomavirus screening.

The Wheel HD

iPhone, iPad

The Wheel HD app simulates the classic pregnancy wheel. Ideal for a women’s wellness nurse practitioner, this app accurately determines the estimated shipping date predicated on your patient’s last menstrual date or amount of conception. It estimates fetal pounds predicated on gestational age also, also it displays the 30 days and trimester of maternity and also the amount of times remaining until deadline. The Wheel HD is really a prefect app to suggest to your sufferers too.

STD Tx Guide

iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

Published simply by the CDC, The STD Tx Guideline app is a great reference guide for nurse practitioners employed in gynecology and obstetrics. This app combines details from the CDC’s Sexually Transmitted Illnesses Treatment Guidelines and also the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reviews. STD Tx Guideline helps healthcare specialists identify and deal with their sufferers for 21 various sexually transmitted illnesses and sexual assault.

Adult Gerontology NP Apps

Geriatrics close at hand

iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

Published by The United states Geriatrics Society, this application provides usage of up-to-date content associated with the care of old adults. Topics include drop prevention guidelines, beers requirements, administration of atrial fibrillation, and typical immunizations in older people. Tailored to the geriatric human population specifically, this app is ideal for the grownup gerontology acute treatment nurse practitioner. It includes over 100 medicine tables, treatment algorithms, and used medical calculators commonly.

Geriatrics Pocketcards

iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

Geriatrics Pocketcards app functions eight standardized assessment equipment used commonly with older grownup patients. For example the clock drawing check, Barthel Index of Routines of EVERYDAY LIVING, the Geriatric Depression Level, and the Functional Evaluation Staging in Alzheimer’s condition.

Pediatric NP Apps

Pedi QuickCalc

iPhone, iPad

This app is really a quick, high-quality tool designed for pediatric prescribers. Pedi QuikCalc combines clinical calculators with standardized charts to easily compare dimensions with average values. It offers an age in hrs calculator predicated on birth date in addition to a percent weight modification calculator predicated on previous office appointments. The app also functions suggested medication dosages for various indications in keeping pediatric disorders.


iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

Pedi STAT is really a fast reference app created for pediatric nurse practitioners. This app provides fast access to critical details including weight-structured and age-specific medication dosages. Built in algorithms assist you to calculate Glasgow coma level ratings and burn dimension estimates. The toxicology area addresses decontamination, dextrose, and opioid and overdose acetaminophen.


iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

As a pediatric nurse practitioner, KidsDoc is a great app to recommend to your patient’s moms and dads. Published by the United states Academy of Pediatrics, this app provides moms and dads with guidelines to greatly help them make intelligent decisions about the degree of treatment needed when the youngster feels sick. Moms and dads can insight their child’s signs and symptoms and get a decision chart to look for the best action predicated on severity. The app offers home care advice, pediatric dosage tables by pounds, and medical illustrations.

Psychiatric NP Apps

DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria

iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

Published by the United states Psychiatric Association, the DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria application provides full off-line usage of the Diagnostic plus Statistical Manual associated with Mental Issues 5th Edition (DSM-5). It offers the ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes along with unique movie commentary from the DSM-5 task force. Psychiatric nurse practitioners can lookup the app by condition, acronym, billing program code, or symptom. This app is updated and obtainable in Spanish aswell periodically.

Prescriber’s Guide: Stahl’s Necessary Psychopharmacology

iPhone, iPad

This app includes usage of the entire text of Prescriber’s Guide: Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology. Each medication access lists the number of indications, their disadvantages and advantages, as well as strategies for dosing and staying away from undesireable effects. The apps contains the same colorful pictures that psychiatric suppliers are used to viewing in Stephen Stahl’s psychopharmacology textbooks.


iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

SuperBetter is a great app that psychiatric nurse practitioners can suggest to their patients. It was produced by game designers to greatly help patients build private and self-efficacy resilience. SuperBetter helps patients build-up physical, mental, psychological, and sociable strengths through daily problems, interactive quests, and social media. The game originated to market positive emotions and sociable connections to greatly help patients help one another.

Clinical Scales

iPhone, iPad, Android (Telephone & Tablet)

Clinical Scales, posted by Psychiatric Periods, provides access to a variety of psychiatric standardized assessments for depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, and autism. In addition, it includes the Unusual Involuntary Movement Scale, the Mini-Mental Status Evaluation, the Clinical Worldwide Impressions Level, and the Global Evaluation of Functionality. This app includes directions on how best to administer these scientific tests in addition to a comprehensive scoring system.